Capezio Hanami


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Capezio Hanami
Capezio Hanami

Glide freely across the studio floor in Capezio's Hanami. This slip-on ballet shoe is made of high quality canvas material that stretches as if you're wearing nothing at all. The split-sole design eliminates bulk in the arch, provides maximum metatarsal protection, and allows the flattest platform to pivot on. What sets the Hanami apart from other ballet shoes is the patented technology that creates a seamless diamond gusset in the arch of the shoe. This means there is no harshly stitched line down the center that will interfere with how you point and flex. No drawstrings erase any worry of the ballet slipper coming undone. High caliber dancers swear by this slipper. Available in pink and nude. 

Women: Go 2 to 3 sizes up from street shoe size
Men: Go 4 to 5 sizes up from street shoe size
Also available in children's sizes

Content: Stretch canvas

Style Number: 2037W

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